Monday, July 4, 2011

"What lies beneath"

When used correctly, rugs can transform a room. Rugs can also add warmth into any space. There are a variety of rugs in the market and choosing one can be very overwhelming. First rule of thumb is to start with your overall size. You need to measure the area where you will be placing your rug, keeping in mind the overall symmetry of the room. When measuring, be mindful of the architectural elements (i.e. fireplace) and other details (i.e. traffic pattern, floor vents, etc) within the space.  When measuring for a dining room rug, a rule of thumb is to measure your table, and add two feet to all four sides. The resulting dimensions will be your minimum rug size. For a living/family room, a general practice is to choose a rug size that covers at least the length of your sofa. It is always wise to try the rug out first before settling on a rug. So, check with the retailer to see if this option is available. Be careful because what looks good in the store or online may not work well in your space. You can also bring a color swatch of the fabric or paint sample to the store to compare your options. The idea is to choose a rug that will balance the textures and colors of the room. So, try to avoid rugs that will overwhelm the space or be too difficult to clean. However, don't be discouraged because manufacturers are creating rugs that are stain resistant and eco-friendly. Be sure to get a warranty on the rug, this will save you money and frustration in the long-run.

Graphic prints are becoming a popular trend among consumers. If you want to make a bold statement you can use a graphic print to do so. There are a variety of geometric, floral, damask, and animal print selections in the market. Here are a few examples of what's in the market and what you can use to enhance your space. A bold and modern print will definitely make your space jazzy but chic. So, don't be afraid to go bold or modern.
"Coral"-Flatweave Dhurrie rug design by Weego Home

"Gate"-Wolven dhurrie rug design by Weego Home
"Love Birds"-Hand Tufted 100% New Zealand Wool
"Feathers"-Hand Tufted 100% New Zealand Wool
"Saginaw"-Oriental Rug design by Stark
Chinese needlepoint Kiev Collection-Stark Carpets
"Bloom"-Hand tufted wool with faux silk features by Domestic Modern Rugs
Animal print hand-tufted made from 100% New Zealand wool

Tibetan weave rug knotted from wool and silk

"Plum"-100% knotted wild silk rug by Fort Street Studio

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