Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Knock, knock"

Doors welcome the world to your doorstep and tell a story about your home. Doors say a lot about what type of style and personality you may encounter when inside a home. Doors are used to greet and bid farewell to your guest, and for security of your home. Doors may also enhance the curb appeal to your home. When selecting a door you have to consider design impact, weather elements, efficiency, privacy and safety. It is also important to get a warranty on the door as well. First, begin by measuring the height and width of your door to determine your size. Then, once you have determined your sizes visit your local home improvement store or door manufacturer to view their selections. It can be very overwhelming with the wide selection of doors, but do your research first. This may eliminate the stress of visiting many stores. If this is a problem you should start by visiting online websites to narrow your search for a door. You may be able to find a local merchant who carries that same manufacturer style. Once you have found a door design print out your selection as a reference to bring with you while shopping. You may want to call first to see if the door is in their stock. If you are unfamiliar with installing doors hire a local contractor, or you can check with the store for installation options. Most stores have a design department or partnership with a local installer or general contractor. Once you have selected your door try to incorporate the design throughout your home. Consistency will bring your overall design together and make a great impact.

Ramos Design Build Corporation - Tampa contemporary entry
If you are going for a contemporary look choose a door with clean lines. Door handles can also be used to enhance your door. Stainless steel and elongated handles are becoming increasingly popular among home owners.

Soundside Estates mediterranean entry
This is a great option if you would like a old-world style door. The beautiful detailing really enhances the glass and color of this door.

Kitchen traditional entry
If you have a traditional home there are many options for that particular look. This door proves that traditional design can still be modern and elegant.

Contractor: Hi-Point Home Builders, LLC photography: Lawrence Anderson
If you want to connect the interior space with the exterior this is a great option. Operable doors can be used if you need to bring in natural light or need to create an open space.

Architect: Studio Dwell Architects Developer: Ranquist Development photography: Marty Peters

Rough Hollow Entry mediterranean entry

If you are in need of a new door or just want to update your style here are some examples of great door designs.

Sunset House modern entry
Outside Lighting traditional entry

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