Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Relax & Release"

After a long hard day at work the first thing I want to do is relax and soak in my tub. It seems like all the cares in the world melt away when I'm soaking. Spending time in my bathroom is a very rejuvenating experience. This is why most people put much emphasis on the design of their bathrooms. When it comes to bathroom design homeowners want their spaces to look and feel like a spa. They want it to be tranquil, luxurious and with all the bells and whistles. When designing your bathroom there are key factors you have to take into consideration; such as layout, finishes and practicality. Design style also plays a major role as well. Once you have determined your budget you should hire an architect or designer to begin your design. If you are on a modest budget you can always visit a home improvement store or local manufacturer to discuss your options. There are local codes and regulations you have to adhere to, so it is wise to do your research first before starting your design.  Some states require you to have a permit before starting construction. You may also want to make sure your architect/designer or contractor is licensed as well. Check for client references and visit previous projects they have designed. This will probably save you thousands or from making a bad mistake. Remember you want to do your research to make sure she/he is qualified to do the work. Always listen to your that inner voice.

Minnesota Private Residence traditional bathroom

Master Bathroom contemporary bathroom

Rough Hollow Master Bath mediterranean bathroom

Tammys Pics traditional bathroom

Bathroom traditional

Master Bath contemporary bathroom

Bernal Heights Residence contemporary bathroom

Rough Hollow Master Bath mediterranean bathroom

Tammys Pics 2 traditional bathroom

Inspiration pics 2 :: Bathroom524alexandraraeinteriors.jpg picture by jengrantmo traditional bathroom

Northway traditional bathroom

Trickett Master Bathroom  bathroom

The Great Gatsby traditional bathroom

Los Altos Bathroom traditional bathroom

Oakley Home Builders traditional bathroom

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