Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Room with a view"

As I was enjoying my morning breakfast I began gazing out my window. When suddenly, I became mesmerize by the beautiful views of my garden. So, I started to think about the impact and how views affected the mental state. It's very clear that beautiful scenery has a profound impact on how we relate emotionally and physically to a space. So, one can assume that aesthetics do play a major role in how we perform. Therefore, it's no surprise that an unattractive view or unpleasant environment would have an adverse affect on the state of mind. For instance, the way furniture is arrange in a room may have an affect on how individuals interact with each other. Therefore, you should arrange furniture as you would entertain in a dinner or cocktail party. Furniture should be close without prohibiting circulation or tripping over furniture. Remember, you want your environment to be warm and inviting to stimulate a conservation. You should always orient furniture to take advantage of the best possible views. So, if you have an amazing view exploit it! If you don't have any great views you can always use a focal point like a fireplace or artwork instead. 

Lighting can make or break a room. A room with improper lighting or lack of windows may cause exhaustion, depression, or even high stress. If you have improper lighting it may feel like a dungeon or cave-like. You should select lighting that will accent features within the space as well as for task lighting. Windows can also affect the way a room feels. Windows allow natural lighting to filtrate a room and also opens the space up. If there is an amazing view windows are a great way to enhance it. Windows can also allow natural ventilation into a space as well. With the proper installation, energy efficiency windows can also cut down your utility bill. So, don't be afraid to open your windows and let the fresh air in. It'll save you money down the road.

Other influences may affect a space is climate and size. If a space is too cold people may become very temperamental and aggressive. In spaces that are too warm individuals may become lazy and unresponsive. It is recommended that the average temperature settings for a room to be 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. If a space is too small it may feel claustrophobic and confined. But, there are ways to make a space feel larger. Mirrors are an inexpensive way to open up a space. Paint can also make a space feel larger. You can also use light and serene colors instead of dark colors to make a room feel airy and open. For larger spaces ceilings can be painted a darker color to bring down the height of the room. Larger furniture pieces can be used to counter balance the space as well. So, when designing spaces these are things to consider to enhance the overall experience in a room. It is a known fact that closeness to elements of nature like water (i.e. pools, lakes, ponds), plants and trees makes people feel more relaxed. So, always try to remember that the environment and scenery appeals to both the senses and the mind. 

Family Rooms traditional family room
Designed by Minneapolis general contractor Stonewood, LLC
This room has the best of both world's, a great view and a cozy seating arrangements.

dining room modern dining room
Photography by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech
You should always orient your furniture to take advantage of a fabulous view.

Everett mediterranean living room
Designed by Atlanta architect Summerour Architects
If you have a great view with large windows be sure to use window coverings that will compliment the view.

Larkin Street Residence modern living room
Designed by San Francisco architect John Maniscalco
If you have a fabulous view overlooking the city you can also use floor to ceiling windows or door panels to enhance the view.

Debra Campbell Design mediterranean living room
Designed by interior designer Debra Campbell Design
Your seating arrangement should always pull in your guest while taking advantage of the view. This will definitely stimulate a conservation between your guest.

Interior shots contemporary living room
Designed by San Francisco architect Zack|de Vito Architecture [DesignBuild], AIA
You don't always have to use window coverings, especially if you want to take full advantage of the views. However, if privacy is an issue you can always opt for window coverings that will provide privacy and natural lighting.

green remodel contemporary dining room
Designed by San Francisco architect Mahoney Architects & Interiors
Lighting should never compete with a view or overwhelm the space. Therefore, it is important to select the proper size and function when selecting a lighting fixture.

sea view penthouse contemporary dining room
Designed by interior designer NURIT GEFFEN-BATIM STUDIO
When selecting your fixture you should consider energy efficient lighting as an option. This will help save you money on your utility bill and protect the environment.

To open a space and take advantage of a view seamless glass panels is a great option.

While at CHil Design Group contemporary dining room
Designed by Vancouver interior designer Claudia Leccacorvi
If you love to entertain you can tie the indoors to the outdoors with windows and doors.

Fulcrum Structural Engineering modern bedroom
Designed by San Francisco Fulcrum Structural Engineering
Imagine waking up every morning to a view of an ocean or mountain. If you're like me, you would probably want floor to ceiling windows to take full advantage of the views. So, always try to remember that the environment and scenery appeals to both the senses and the mind.

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