Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Boys will be boys"

Designing boy-themed bedrooms can be really fun. There are so many design options to use when developing a color scheme. Most boy-themed bedrooms are typically blue. However, there are other color options such as yellow, red or green. If you want to incorporate a particular theme try to mix classic yet modern furnishings so the room can remain fresh. This will allow you to change out paint colors and fabrics without having to buy new furniture. This will also transcend into a much older look as he gets older.

Childrens Rooms  kids
Willy aviation inspired kids bedroom by Imagine Living modern kids
The selection of furnishings and colors is very modern and fun. I think it was a smart choice to introduce the concept through paint colors and wall art. 

childrens room inspiration set 1  kids
Austin day bed with trundle black with gold gilding.
This design is really fun and practical with the storage drawers located below. I think the color combination is very regal and would make any space feel rich.
Cody bed with star moulding black and gold gilding

This is a great way to bring in bold colors while using traditional styled fabrics.
Speedboat Bed II with trundle 
If you want to design a room with a fun theme this is a great way to make a bold statement and incorporate fun colors.
Kingston bunk beds
If space is not at a premium bunk beds can be used for additional space. They also work great for having sleepovers. This space works well because the walls, floor, ceiling and furniture are all painted the same color with splashes of color used in the fabrics and accent pieces. 
Kasey bed
The architectural detailing of the ceiling is really a rare find in this boy-themed bedroom. The contrasting strips really gives this room a smart look. The navy colored bunk beds gives this room lots of character.
If you are unsure of where to start with your design begin with a concept or furniture piece to jump start your design. This is a great inspiration piece for creating a color palette and overall theme for a little boys room. This desk will also provide a good opportunity to display items and serve as storage space for books and other items. Paired with a fun chair I think this will work well in any little boys room.
Captains chair in rosewood with canvas seat cushions
This chair will set the tone for any nautical themed room.
Evans open book case with star moulding
Oar decor by Potterybarn
Oars can be used as a focal point or as wall art and while bringing in lots of color to the space.

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